Milan Museum pass

Milan Museum pass – Discover the City of Milan!

Milan is a city full of history to be discovered. There are many museums and collections to discover.

MilanoCard, as well as include all Milan public trasport and discounts or gratuities in the city’s main attractions, is the  Milan museums pass for tourists visiting the city. Thanks to this city pass you can have discounts or free access to the main museums in the city.

Below are some of the major museums that you can visit with your museum pass Milan:

  1. Bagatti Valsecchi Museum

The Bagatti Valsecchi Museum is a historic dwelling. Fausto and Giuseppe Bagatti Valsecchi built a residence inspired to the palaces of the fifteenth century Lombard. The collection features works by Giovanni Bellini, Gentile Bellini, Giampietrino and Lorenzo di Niccolò.

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  1. Diocesan Museum and Basilica of Sant’Eustorgio

The Basilica was founded in IV century. According to tradition, the wagon carrying the relics of the Magi from Constantinople stopped before arriving at the Basilica of Santa Tecla in Milan, so Sant’Eustorgio decided to found a new Basilica. Part of the relics are still preserved in the Basilica.

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  1. Armani Silos

Museum pass MilanSpace Armani Silos is a museum dedicated to the collections of the famous designer Giorgio Armani. The exhibition retraces Giorgio Armani’s professional experience through the clothes he designed.

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  1. Poldi Pezzoli Museum

The Poldi Pezzoli Museum is one of the most important museum houses in Milan, located in the city center, a few steps from Piazza Duomo.

Among the works of the collection are paintings of famous artists such as Perugino, Mantegna, Pollaiolo, Francesco Hayez, Tiepolo and many others.

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5. La Triennale

The Triennale di Milano is an international cultural institution that hosts exhibitions, conferences and events of art, design, architecture, fashion, cinema, communication and society. It has particular attention to exhibitions of architecture and design.

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6. Museum of Scala Theatre

The Scala Museum of Scala Theatre is a private museum institution located in the Ricordi Casino, near the Teatro alla Scala. The exhibition space hosts a rich collection of costumes, ancient musical instruments and more.

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