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Best Milan City Pass – which one ?

Are you looking for the best Milan City Pass ? You are at the right place !

Visit Milan is easy but with The best Milan City Pass is better, choose your own.
The Milan City Pass offers you a lot of services and advantages and is also a helpful guide to visit Milan.
Milan offer to their tourists two Milan city card: the MilanoCard and the MilanPass but which one is the best Milan City Pass ?

With this detailed articles we want to drive you to discover the city pass of Milan and to find the best Milan City pass who will help you along your stay in this amazing city. Why is important to find the best city card in Milan ?

The Milan Pass 

the milan pass

MilanPass is a 48-hour city card that offers the museums, attractions, city tours, restaurants and shops across the city.
For 69€ includes:
– a nominative pass to obtain discounts from affiliates
– free access to Milan City Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off
– a book of vouchers to access offers at affiliated facilities
– a guidebook that helps you discover exclusive offers and plan itineraries tailored on you, plus lots of useful information to get around in the city offering a slew of museums, shops, restaurants, exhibitions.
– a map of the city complete with all the most useful indications
– an events calendar featuring the current month’s artistic and cultural appointment, plus all forms of entertainment

Famous museums and activities are included in this city card like the Science Museum, Leonardo3, a cooking classes a segway ect.

Basically the Milan Pass not included public transport and the most advertised access to the Last Supper is not available by default but only on request and most of the time you can get only 10% discount for the Gran Tour (65€ more) which includes also access to the Last Supper.

Buy online The Milan Pass, pick up in Milan City Center

If you buy online the Milan Pass the only one solution to pick it up is to reach Piazza Castello, 50 km far from the airports and 5 km far from Milan Central Station, where you will be able to collect the Pass at Zani Viaggi Office.


MilanoCard – the official tourist card of Milan 

best milan city pass

MilanoCard is the first and most complete card for tourist services in the city of Milan which offers free public transportation (Metro, tram, buses, city-trains), free personal driver,  and free or discounted entry to over 500+ Milan tourist attractions, including more than 20 top Milan museums, shops, and restaurants.
You can buy three tipes of card:
– 24h for 7€
– 48h for 13€
– 72h for 19€
MilanoCard offer high discounts or benefits to the top attractions in Milan like Duomo Rooftop, Museum of La Scala Theater, Leonardo3, the Last Supper etc etc and also the opportuny, with the special formula “Run4free” to have a free access to some important attractions in the city if you are one of the first 4 – 6 or 8 people in the day, depending from the attractions, arriving. You can get free access with MilanoCard the city pass of Milan to:
– Highline Galleria (
– Poldi Pezzoli Museum
– Bagatti Valsecchi Museum
– Navigli Boat Tour
– Ristorante Pizzeria ai 12 Gatti (over the roof of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele)
– Santa Ambrogio Basilica and Museum

This  Milan Tourist Card offers to their client also two ride with a personal driver, with this services Milan will be more pleasurable, and safer to move around with drivers who are fully licensed, insured, and of the highest quality. You can use your MilanoCard also in Lombardy, Lakes region and Rome, Venice and Florence

More than 500.000 tourists have already used MilanoCard, you can find their testimoniance here and listen by their real voice why MilanoCard is the best Milan City Pass.

Buy online MilanoCard, pick up at your arrival 

If you buy online MilanoCard is the only one city card of Milan that allows you to pickup it at your arrival; the pickup point of MilanoCard are located at Malpensa Airport, Linate Airport, Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport, Milan Central Station and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele ! What is more easy?


MilanoCard + The Last Supper

the last supper A new version of MilanoCard is also available is the MilanoCard with free access to the Last Supper of Leonardo Da Vinci.

MilanoCard with Last Supper is a 48h MilanoCard , included all the benefit of the 48h card, with also the free guaranteed access to the Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci. This special card costs 30€ and includes:

-Free access to every public transport for 48h
-Free personal driver for 2 rides (each one with a value of 15€)
-Free guaranteed access to the Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci
– Free or discounted access to more than 500 services in Milan, Rome and Venice

Click here to find more information and to purchase it .


In the end we consider the MilanoCard the best Milan City Pass and for this reason we have choose to became a reseller of this one.